Wild Swan Resources


Phyllis Watts, Ph.D., president of Wild Swan Resources, is a consulting psychologist with over three decades of clinical and organizational consultation experience. She earned her Ph.D. in two areas of psychology – social and clinical. She did so because of her strong belief that in all individual, organizational and social change efforts, understanding individuals and how they impact social systems is as important as understanding how social systems impact individuals.

Throughout her career, her core values have driven her to consult primarily with nonprofits and the public sector. For the past ten years she has brought this expertise to her work on broader social issues by consulting on a number of emotionally complex ballot campaigns and policy initiatives. Those issues include health care reform, marriage equality, religious exemptions, death penalty reform, women’s reproductive rights and voting rights.

Her insights were considered essential to developing a fundamentally different approach to messaging for these emotionally difficult issues and prevailing with an 85% win rate – including her work on women’s reproductive rights in several states considered impossible to win such as South Dakota and Mississippi. At age 61, she became a licensed Zumba instructor.